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Software Asset Management and Optimisation





A recent report by Garner neatly summarised how Litelia saves 30% of our client's Software expenditure by deploying a framework of three "best practices"

According to Gartner, organizations can cut software spending using three best practices :


1) Optimize Software Configurations


2) Recycle Software Licenses


3) Use SAM Tools


It is hard to optimize software spending because licenses are so complex. Optimizing complex licenses manually is labour-intensive; it requires specialized knowledge and does not scale. Larger enterprises will need a SAM tool. A SAM tool can automate, accelerate and improve manual processes. It can pay dividends over manual alternatives, and can often pay for itself.

Litelia brings our clients access to the tools and knowledge to achieve this, quickly and cost-effectively.

- Steve - Nokia Networks
“Litelia have the people and tools needed to get the job done”  
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