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Optimising Outcomes

Litelia manages business problems and resolves disputes.

Litelia managesbusiness problems and resolves disputes.

We are highly qualified and cost-effective, experts in business, contract negotiation, project management and business operations. 
For problem resolution, as a first step, we favour Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), avoiding the time and cost expense of litigation. 
In addition, we have in-house expertise and experience to take cases throughout legal process where required. 

Litelia helps our customers leverage existing capabilities across different 

industries and regions

Litlelia is a close-knit team of exceptional individuals.  We have many years of experience working for both large corporate customers and fast-growing startups across a range of industries. 
Our strengths are in technology, strategy, marketing, change management, business operations, finance and should the need arise, dispute resolution and legal process.
Software Asset Management & Optimisation

Software asset management (SAM) tools automate many of the tasks required to maintain compliance with software licenses which in turn controls software expenditure. 
SAM tools manage entitlements from enterprise license agreements, purchases and other records to automatically determine and optimize license position against discovered software. 
Infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders use SAM tools for managing software entitlement, in lieu of using spreadsheets, due to the rising complexity of software-licensing schemes.

Telecoms Media & Technology (TMT)

The technology, media and telecom (TMT) sector, sometimes also referred to as technology, media, and communications (TMC), 

This industry segment covers a broad range, it ican be useful to break down TMT into subsectors such as semiconductors, hardware, software, mobile, Internet, networking.
With many new and high-tech firms, our customers inevitably experience a
amount of mergers, acquisitions and initial public offerings (IPOs).

Litelia are involved in all aspects of Planning, Designing and Operating TMT networks

Quality of Service (QoS) Reporting

Quality of Service (QoS) covers reporting on the performance of a network at different levels of service levels to different forms of traffic.

Litelia specialises in the creation of Network Quality reports mainly for use by regulators and operators to assess and improve network quality.



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